I am a photographer who specializes in working on artistic projects based on literature and poetry. I started photography in 2015 in Calais refugee camp, France. Two years later I settled in Alexandria, Egypt, with the goal to acquire a deeper understanding of the Arab world. 

The timeless city of Alexandria struck my soul with her strange energy of a city stuck between a glorious past and an unstable future. I wanted others to have the opportunity to feel the awe-inspiring beauty of the city, as well as tell a distinct story of what Alexandria is today. I went about this by combining my photographs with poetry from the last century.

My latest work is  based on Jean Cocteau's diary Maalesh published in 1949 after he did a three-month tour in the Mediterranean. I followed his travels and created a contemporary photographic interpretation of what this Mediterranean journey would look like today. 

In 2021 I am showing a collection of seventeen analog prints from this project Maalesh, voyage en Méditerranée, in France and Egypt.

Born in 1995 in France - Based in Alexandria, Egypt

MA in Cultural and Media History - Paris-Saclay University 2017

Member of the Paris-based agency Studio Hans Lucas


Solo shows

2021  Maalesh, voyage en Méditerranée        Musée Jean Cocteau    Menton, FR

2021  Maalesh, voyage en Méditerranée        Chapelle Saint Jean   Versailles, FR

2021  Maalesh, voyage en Méditerranée        Institut Français   Alexandria, EG

2021  Maalesh, voyage en Méditerranée        Université Paris-Saclay   Versailles, FR

2017  Calais, en attendant la terre promise    Théâtre de Fontenay-le-Fleury   Versailles, FR

2017  Calais, en attendant la terre promise    Université de Versailles St-Quentin   Versailles, FR

2017  Egypte, en attendant la traversée         Scène nationale   St Quentin en Yvelines, FR

2016  De l’Egypte à Calais, parcours              ICART   Paris, FR

2016  Calais, en attendant la terre promise    Maison Martha Pan   Versailles, FR

Group shows

2021  Grain                    Cairo Photo Week    Cairo, EG  

2017  Art in the jungle    Le Carreau    Cergy, FR

2016  Art in the jungle    Galerie 39/93    Romainville, FR



04.01.2021 - 12.02.2021 

Solo show at Versailles University 

"Maalesh, voyage en Méditerranée" is being shown at the great hall of Versailles University Library (France) until the 12th of February 2021.

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